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Tactical Self-Defense Training For The First-Time Gun Owners

Thirteen million Americans have acquired firearms since the beginning of the year. Five million of the purchases were made by first-time buyers - among who two million were women. Additionally, one out of nine Democrats has bought a firearm within the past three months. Interestingly, the majority of firearms purchased are not of the sporting or hunting types but for self-defense. So why do these numbers matter?

Firstly, the current figures show that firearm ownership is expanding beyond the stereotypical "old white male" narrative. Secondly, gun control extremists have labeled these first-time gun owners as a security risk. The Democrats cite the new group of firearm owners as lacking the necessary skills or discipline to own and operate firearms. They claim the newcomers are a threat, not only to themselves but to their families. This false assumption is despite most of the firearm owners completing the mandatory training required to obtain concealed carry weapons in some states such as California. 

While the anti-gunners claims are as false as they could get, new firearm owners could benefit more by taking additional training. Many first-time firearm owners may not be very prepared to face advanced threats. For example, gun owners are likely to face criminals who started as juvenile delinquents and gang members. These types of criminals have learned almost all possible ways to victimize law-abiding citizens. Additionally, to these criminals, handling a firearm is almost like their second nature… they may not be safe, but most are not afraid of using their gun.

Consequently, taking more firearm training will help new firearm owners bridge the gap and make up for time lost. First-time firearm owners should prepare for practical self-defense against a highly dangerous criminal by taking tactical self-defense training. This form of training will equip them with skillsets to understand and withstand extreme aggression under in high pressure situations.

The training is also appropriate even for new gun owners who have basic firearm training, which enforces safety and marksmanship… the ability to easily hit a statics under a low pressure situation. By taking tactical self-defense training, they will increase their self-defense expertise by gaining critical life-saving skills that they won't forget for the rest of their lives. Remember, all firearms training is what we refer to as a depreciating skill, so constant training is very highly encouraged!

Taking tactical defense training at this stage of firearm ownership is also important because it also sets the pace for their lifelong learning in self-defense. Starting on a very high note is encouraged because many new firearm owners become complacent after taking the first few firearm training courses. Such complacency stunts their growth in acquiring life-saving skills, which could prove fatal during violent encounters.

Additionally, taking a tactical defense training at this stage of firearm ownership is easier because most new firearm owners are already passionate about self-defense.  Advancing towards tactical self-defense training immediately after completing the basic training will ensure that they don't break their training routine. Maintaining the training momentum is imperative in reaching higher levels of any type of self-defense.

Always remember, the few extra hours you spend in advancing your self-defense skills might save more lives, including yours and your loved ones during the times of need.

Start now… take a look at the Defensive Tactical Training course available.  From intro courses, such as the SimCo course which uses an advanced simulator and infra-red laser guns, complete with recoil, to our advanced pistol and long gun courses, which concentrate on tactics for being a better defender.

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