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Dry-Fire Training - A Crucial Part of Your Learning

How do the best shooters get good at shooting? How do you teach your body to move, draw from the holster, seek cover and concealment, or turn and shoot when you are limited at a linear range where you can’t move and can only shoot one direction?

The only way to train muscle memory, especially muscle memory that you’ll need to use in a highly stressful situation, is to physically do it. Thousands of times.

How is that possible with a pistol?

We’ve got three words for you — dry-fire practice. Let’s take a quick look at what it is and the benefits here.

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  1892 Hits
1892 Hits

Deconstructing the Training Scars

Firearm training helps prevent unnecessary loss of lives. Most gunfights come in close, fast, and hot. Training for such situations is the next best thing after owning a firearm. Additionally, it is the determining moment between coming out alive or becoming the victim.

Each confrontation ends up in favor of the most skilled individual unless the least skilled individual is very lucky. However, every survivor of an armed encounter will advise you that depending solely on good luck is not a good idea.

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1949 Hits