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DTT believes in safe personal training!  Our usual classes range from 4-10 students, so that we maintain the safe ratio of Insturctors and Range Officers to students.

If you desire a private class or Family Only class, or a class for your small club/group, then DTT can accomodate you.  You design your class by picking your topics of choice and DTT develops a custom course curriculum .  Pick your:
  *  Course Topic(s)
  *  Live Fire or Simulation
  *  Length of your class
DTT will then provide skilled instructors  for your custom tailored curriculm.  

Your Course could Cover The Following Topics:

  * Aiming
  * Grip
  * Stance
  * Breath Control
  * Trigger Control
  * Follow-Through
  * How to Select a Pistol
  * Pistol Maintenance
  * How to Practice at Home and at the Range
  * Gun Storage
  * Parts of the Pistol
  * Parts of Ammunition
  * Firing Process
  * Pistol Operation
  * Malfunctions and how to correct them
  * Tactical Drills
  * Carbine Training
  * Emergency Medical Training
  * Pistol Training for Women 
Call us to discuss your private class today!
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Curriculum Description

Your private course can meet certain criteria, such as NRA Certificate Courses, USCCA Certificate Courses, or just enhance an area of training that you desire. 



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Defensive Tactical Training, LLC , is a privately owned company and not associated with the NRA, other than utilizing NRA Training Instructors to present classes, some of which are NRA curriculum courses, and so noted.

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