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Realtor Safety
Staying Safe on the Job


$125.00  $50.00
Mini-Class - 
Step into  defensive training 
with this 2 hour mini course!

Live Fire


Class Time


Class Description

This mini-course is a must for realtors.  We will take you from understanding the risks that realtors undertake day to day, through various defensive strategies, and a lite version on how to treat traumatic and medical emergencies.

Also available, is a 1 hour simulator training session with branched scenarios.

This Course Covers The Following Topics:

  • Why Are Real Estate Agents at Risk?
  • Situational Awareness
  • How Stress Affects the Body
  • Mindset and Defensive Strategies
  • Defensive Options
  • Emergency First Aid 
  • Membership Features and Benefits

Curriculum Description

The DTTHQ course "Realtor Safety" meets the following objectives and is based on the USCCA curriculum.

  • Recognize the unique aspects of your job that put
    you at risk of a violent encounter.
  • Learn to avoid violent encounters by developing an
    acute awareness of your surroundings.
  • Differentiate between “looking” and “seeing,” and
    understand how to detect threat indicators early.
  • Recognize the physical and psychological effects you
    might experience during a dynamic critical incident.
  • Learn how to employ various defensive strategies to
    mitigate an unwanted encounter before it escalates.
  • Recognize the defensive options — both armed and
    unarmed — you can use to help keep you safe.
  • Describe how to treat various traumatic and medical
  • Understand the key features and benefits of USCCA


Basic Firearm Training