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Socialism and Mob Rule Cannot Withstand the Second Amendment Rights


Because gun control is about people control, the Second Amendment is the greatest enemy of socialism. Socialism is founded on tyranny while gun rights are there to challenge authoritarianism. The founding fathers enacted the Second Amendment to create a strong populace capable of fighting tyrannical governments.

 2nd amendmentDuring the recent Left-endorsed protests, riots, and looting, business owners exercised their Second Amendment rights to protect their property. Residents from various neighborhoods, such as downtown Seattle organized patrols to keep their communities safe from strangers belonging to Antifa terrorists and Black Lives Matter rioters.

The residents needed the guns to keep the looters from taking control.  Those looters are inspired by the socialist idea of the redistribution of wealth and have no respect for private property. To them, looting is part of the wealth redistribution process.

While some BLM protesters claimed to exercise their Second Amendment rights, their actions are contrary to the firearm training endorsed by DTT (Defensive Tactical Training) and the underlyinh principals of the NRA or the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA). Some of the armed BLM protesters are criminals with pending investigations for promoting violence against law enforcement. Examples include Yuri Neves Silva and Christian Hernandez, who were arrested with AK-47s, Uzis, And supressors (aka Silencers) after making threats to the police.

Additionally, the protesters were involved in criminality, including blocking roads and harassing motorists. Such lawless mobs are an attribute of socialism which encourages mob rule to spread the ideology through terror and coercion. When unable to intimidate people, socialism cries foul and castigates firearm ownership. This happens when armed citizens stand for their freedom using their legally-acquired firearms.

Keep in mind proper training will have you use your firearms to protect yourself from the threat of serious bodily harm or death, and considering the facts of the recent riots, if you found yourself in within those situations, the you should have the right to deter or stop the threats.  It is not our position to kill those stealing your property, but if we look at the recent casualties, we see the need to protect ourselves if we get into a precarious situation...

conservative dailyMany incidents associated with BLM involved the loss of lives, including the killing of children such as the Atlanta shooting of an 8-year old girl, Secoriea Turner. The BLM supporters killed the girl at the same spot where they were protesting the shooting of Rayshard Brooks after fleeing from police and threatening the officers with a teaser. The shooting of the 8-year old girl made the leftist ATL Mayor Bottoms admit that the enemy the BLM should address is the one from within. Another incident by the Not F***ing Around Coalition (NFAC) group led to the injuries of five protesters after the accidental discharge of a firearm by a demonstrator. Such actions are inconsistent with the firearm training approved by the NRA and USCCA. If these gun wielding bullies had the proper training... their actions would be a lot safer.

BLM riots, the COVID-19 crisis, and the calls to defund the police have led to record numbers in firearm purchases. Most people have realized that the police cannot protect them as they should, or to what we epect. The COVID-19 and protests have also affected the police response rates. Citizens realized they could only rely on themselves and their firearms for protection. Despite the pressing circumstances, anti-gunners insist on restricting firearm ownership. Coincidentally, the same politicians support the defunding of the police. However, they continue to enjoy armed protection paid using tax dollars. Their guards bear the same “assault weapons” they intend to ban. If they succeed, only criminals will be able to keep their guns.

The anti-gunners also ignore that Gun control continues to fail in reducing crimes in Democratic-controlled cities such as Lightfoot’s Chicago and of de Blasio’s New York. Generational gun control in such cities ensure that law-abiding citizens are mere sitting ducks, and criminals have the upper hand. The only way to stop anarchy and mob rule is by protecting the second amendment rights and receiving enough training so that when the tyrants come, they will find us well prepared.


DTT supports the 2nd amendment, augmented with the proper training.  Training that will make gun owners better defenders and safer uses overall.  We invite you to join one of our classes to establish the sound foundation of skill to which you will continue to build and better yourself.

Happy Birthday - Gaston Glock

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